Subsea Controls

Hydraulic Pump Units

Hydraulic Power Units are used to provide stable and clean supply of hydraulic fluid to the remotely operated valves located on subsea equipment.

Based on our strategic local and international business partnerships, we are positioned to supply beskope hydraulic power units and control fluids common glycol based and other control fluids such as Oceanic HW540, Palegic 100 and Transaqua HT.


Fluid Cleanliness Assurance

We take the quality and cleanliness of our supplied fluids very seriously; following the standard minimum specification of ISO 4406 17/15/12 or NAS 1638 Class 6, the fluids to be supplied are checked to ensure that cleanliness standards are met.

Subseaquest provides laboratory and portable fluid particle counters to check the cleanliness of supplied control fluids.
Our service delivery to client’s location includes a cleanliness check on transported fluid to ensure no contamination while on transit, the flushing and pre and post deployment checking of subsea umbilical fluids to ensure required cleanliness are met for subsea equipment controls.